Welcome to Big Dance 2018.

Witches and Wizards (and Muggles), the Yule Ball doesn't even hold a candle to this event—

—welcome to Big Dance 2018.

Newt Scamander's collection of exotic creatures is on the loose. Fortunately, they've all flocked to Roble Gym, where you can catch a Niffler relishing the glittering lights and darting between dancers during the waltz, and find bowtruckles clinging to pocket squares as they fly about the room.

—and if the Erumpet turns up, still in heat (yikes), the surefire way to tame it is by dancing, and we'll be doing it from dusk till dawn.

Please explore this website to learn more about this epic all-night Stanford dance tradition, and join the Big Dance event on Facebook to stay up to date!


Big Dance features a mix of popular dances such as swing, Latin, waltz, and polka, as well as favorites such as the Cross-step Waltz Mixer and the Dawn Mazurka!

Big Dance 2018 is your chance to come enjoy...

  • Live Music!
  • Traditional Big Dance DJ Richard Powers!
  • Performances by your favorite dance troupes!
  • Fawkes, the Phoenix*
  • Dance contests and a costume contest!
  • Age-old traditions and brand-new surprises!

* We do not provide any guarantees of actual appearances. Fawkes is a busy phoenix.

When & Where

9 hours of fun!

Friday, May 11th to Saturday, May 12th
9:00 PM to 6:00 AM

Big Dance will be held in Stanford's Roble Gym.


Friday Night Waltz

Viennese Ball