Gang of 13

Vincent Sheu

Hi, I'm Vincent Sheu! I'm a Law/Computer Science '18 student who first learned to dance in a 2017 Austrian Fortnight class. At the behest of some of the nicest and most enthusiastic friends I have, Social Dance I/III/II followed, and after co-chairing this past Fall Ball and helping out with Viennese Ball, I decided to see what I could do for Big Dance! I'm curious, focused on becoming a better partner, and always willing to learn new things; feel free to teach me anything or drag me onto the dance floor! My favourite dances are the accelerating waltz, rotary waltz/cross-step waltz, and mixers; my favourite pieces to dance to include all classical and most instrumental pieces. See you at Big Dance!

Fran Guo

Hey there, I'm Fran, Symbolic Systems '16 and Co-Chair for the 2018 Stanford Viennese Ball. I enjoy reading science fiction, playing board games, and capturing beauty in unexpected places through creative writing and photography. My favorite dances are cross-step waltz, salsa, and blues/fusion. See you on the floor at Big Dance!

Katherine Erdman

Anna Zeng

Hello! I'm Anna, a sophomore majoring in CS. I started social dancing this past fall, and I have loved it since - come waltz with me on the dance floor! (Or outside, or honestly anytime.) Outside of dance, I enjoy section leading for CS 106, having good conversations with friends, reading outside on a good day, and otherwise savoring my time at Stanford. I'm excited to be organizing and attending my first Big Dance, and look forward to seeing you there!

Gaby Candes

Hi! I'm Gaby, and I'm from the faraway land of Palo Alto, California. I'm a freshman (!) thinking about majoring in philosophy or political science. I came to Stanford having done a little bit of swing in high school, so I enrolled in Living Traditions of Swing, which gave me a way into Richard Powers' classes as early as the fall of my first year. I fell in love with social dance and the community here (which, despite living in the area for the last eight years, I didn't know existed). Since then, I've been on the organizing committee for the 2017 Fall Ball and in Social Dance I and II, and I hope to continue the trend of being as involved with dance as I possibly can be for the rest of my time here. I can't say that I have a favorite dance, but I have an affinity for Disney movies and musicals so my favorite songs to dance to are definitely from those (examples include the "Tango: Maureen" from Rent and "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast).

Juliann Hallum

Praty Sharma

Ellen Ouyang

Hi, I'm Ellen Ouyang, a sophomore majoring in biology. I'm new to social dance but having a great time stumbling through. In my other time, I watch too many cat videos on youtube, paint, and work in a lab studying protein mutation sources of deafness.

Jerry Chen

Hi, I'm Jerry Chen, a sophomore in CS, and this year's webmaster.

Lillian Zhu

Hey! I'm Lillian Zhu, BioE '20 and generally involved in a bunch of random things. I love to create beautiful things with paper, clay, paint, ink, flour, a laser-cutter, or my computer. My favorite dance changes with my mood, so feel free to ask me to dance to anything! Four dance classes and plenty of fun events have taught me a lot—mostly about how to learn better. Also, ask me about life, a good book, or your favorite chemical, and we can search for answers together.

Melodyanne Cheng

Hi! I'm Melodyanne Cheng, this year's Committee Chair of the Big Dance Design/Marketing Team. I completed my Stanford undergraduate years (Biology '17/Comparative Studies of Race and Ethnicity '17) only to waltz straight into a Master's program in Comparative Medicine '19. You can find me dancing salsa at sunrise (and also randomly inside Yogurtland), being artsy (or maybe just messy), as well as out and about in the community with children! My favorite dance moves are salsa styling, Timmie's special loop-de-loops, and new sequences created from mistakes. Come dance with me at Big Dance!

Michael Chen

Hey, I'm Michael, MSCS '18. My favorite dances are cross-step waltz and swing. When I'm not dancing, you can find me hiking, golfing, or just enjoying the California sun.

Xinlan Emily Hu

Hey! I'm Emily (Computer Science '20), and I'm thrilled to be planning my first Big Dance! I dabbled in dance briefly in high school, and again with one ballet class in college, but Viennese Ball changed my life. After my first Austria Fortnight, I haven't looked back, and it's been an accelerated waltz into Social 1, Social 2, and lots of dance in between. My favorite dances are cross-step waltz and swing, but I'm always looking to try something new! Outside of dance, and when I'm not coding, I compete with the Stanford Debate Society, spend my days mulling over philosophy and feminism, and occasionally write for the Stanford Daily.