Schedule of Events

The night will be filled with dancing and merriment, starting with live music by the Royal Society Rhythm Aces, followed by DJing by Richard Powers. Spread throughout the night will be performances by Danse Libre, Swingtime, Los Salseros, Stanford Ceili, and by members of the Viennese Ball opening committee.

Refreshments will be served outside during the entire event.

Time Main Room
9:00 pm Opening DJ'ed Music from Richard Powers
9:30 pm Don Neely's Royal Society Rhythm Aces
(until 12:15)
10:00 pm Performances 1 and 2
11:00 pm Performances 3 and 4 and Cross-Step Waltz Mixer
12:00 am All-Night Blackout Prize Drawing and Musical Partners
12:15 am DJ Richard Powers (rest of the night)
1:00 am Stanford Ceili and Gang Dance
2:00 am Intergenerational Dance Contest
3:00 am Streamer Tag Waltz
4:00 am Costume Contest, Birthday Dance, and Cross-Step Waltz with Richard Powers
≈5:00 am At the first silvery light of dawn
Dawn Mazurka, Triple Crowns, and All-Night Blackout Prize Drawing
6:00 am Big Dance All-Nighters' Photo-Op
Good morning!

Game Descriptions:
All-Night Blackout: In order to encourage you meeting (and dancing with) new people, we are going to have a game of blackout bingo going throughout the night at Big Dance. When you have compelted a challenge with someone, write their name on the corresponding square. Once you have a blackout, submit the board for a chance to win a prize! Drawings for completed challenge boards will occur at midnight and 5 am.
Costume Contest: In addition to dance contests, we will be holding a costume contest at Big Dance. Come in your most creative themed attire if you'd like to vie for a prize!
Intergenerational Dance Contest: One of our missions is to help promote and build the community, so we are hosting an intergenerational dance contest, where "generation" is determined by level of dance experience. If you have been dancing for 3 or more years, you will enter the contest with a (randomly chosen) partner who has less than 3 years of experience! Dancers will dance a variety of styles. This contest emphasizes confidence and partnering over technical skill, so go out, meet new people, and have fun dancing!
Streamer Tag Waltz: In this game, everyone will get streamers tied around their arm and partners to waltz with. The goal is to be the last couple with at least one streamer left—you'll have to try to rip off other people's streamers while protecting yours and your partner's! It's a bit like balloon stomp or Mario Kart battle mode, but for dancers. All you need is to know how to waltz!
Musical Partners: You've played musical chairs before, but have you played musical partners? While the music is playing couples dance. When the music stops, all the couples split up and everyone must find a new partner. But fast, because you only have five seconds before you are eliminated!