Integenerational Variety Contest

One of our missions is to help promote and build the community, so we are hosting an integenerational dance contest this year, where "generation" is determined by level of dance experience. If you have been dancing for 3 or more years, find someone to enter the contest with who has less than 3 years of experience! Dancers will enter the contest as a couple, and will dance a variety of styles. This contest emphasizes confidence and partnering over technical skill, so go out, meet new people, and find someone with whom you have a lot of fun dancing!

We're excited to announce the amazing prizes we've lined up for the top 3 couples:

  • All-expenses-paid Viennese Ball package
  • A day at Watercourse Way Bath House Spa
  • San Francisco Bay dinner cruise
Enter for a chance to win big!

Ambidancestrous Waltz and Swing Contests

What does it mean to be ambidancestrous? It means that one both leads and follows!

At Stanford, we celebrate non-gender-binary dance roles (be sure to check out Richard's thoughts on it) and collaborative partnering. In these contests, couples are judged not on their technical skill or the complexity of their moves, but how well they listen to their partner and help each other succeed. Contestants will dance their preferred role for the first and third songs in the prelims, and just to spice it up a bit, partners will switch to the other role for 1 minute of the second song. Since we're most interested in the partnering aspect of social dance, new dancers are highly encouraged to enter!

We have a whole slew of exciting prizes, including:

  • Passes to dance workshops featuring internationally renowned instructors
  • Tickets to popular dance events around the Bay Area
  • Gift cards to your favorite restaurants
  • ... and much more!

Other Contests

In addition to dance contests, we will be holding a costume contest at Big Dance. Come in your most creative themed attire if you'd like to vie for the prize!

We will also be awarding a Longest Distance Award to the person who travels the farthest to be at Big Dance this year!