Schedule of Events

The night will be filled with dancing and merriment. The night will start with live music by the Swing Solution, follwed by the dance-savvy Capo Four student band and DJing by Richard Powers.
Refreshments will be served outside during the entire evening.

Time Main Room
9:00 pm Opening Music
9:30 pm Live Music: The Swing Solution (until 11:30)
10:30 pm Performances:
    Danse Libre     Decadance
11:30 pm Performances:
    Swingtime     Stanford Ceili
12:30 pm Waltz Tag: The Game of Thrones
12:45 pm Live Music: Capo Four band (until 1:30)
1:30 am Costume Contest: The Coronation
1:45 am Live DJ: Richard Powers (rest of the night)
2:15 am Intergenerational Dance Contest:
The Palace Extravaganza
3:00 am Balloon Stomp Swing:
Mayhem in the Streets (Game)
3:45 am Movie Montage
4:15 am Line Dance Party
≈5:15 am At the first silvery light of dawn
Dawn Mazurka
5:45 am Big Dance All-Nighters' Photo-Op
Triple Crowns awarded
6:00 am Good morning!