Schedule of Events

The night will be filled with dancing and merriment. The Lyratones and another two bands will be performing in the main room, while refreshments will be served outside.

Time Main Room
9:00 pm Opening music
9:30 pm The Lyratones Live Band to 11:30
10:30 pm Performances:
    Danse Libre     Decadance
11:30 pm Performances:
    Swingtime     Swing Cats
11:45 pm Festival Orchestra to 12:30
12:30 pm Performance:
12:45 am Capo Four band to 1:30
1:30 am Costume Contest: Avatar the Last Dancebender
1:45 am Live DJ: Richard Powers for the rest of the night
2:15 am Variety Dance Contest
3:00 am Game: Search for the Avatar
(i.e. The Funny Hat Game)
3:45 am Movie Montage
4:30 am Gang of 13 Salute
5:15 am The first silvery light of dawn
Dawn Mazurka
Chicken Dance
5:15 am Live DJ: Richard Powers
5:45 am Big Dance All-Nighters' Photo-Op
Triple Crowns awarded
5:45 am Good morning!