Tickets are $20 for students with a valid SUID, $35 for all others. T-shirts are $10, so be sure to bring a little extra cash to the event so you can get your Big Dance 2011 shirt.


Tickets will be on sale in White Plaza from 11:00AM to 1:00PM, May 2-6 and will also be sold in Stanford social dance classes in the week prior to the dance. A limited number of tickets may be available at the door, though Big Dance typically sells out before the night of the dance. (The number of tickets is limited because the capacity of Roble Gym, as set by the fire marshall, is 299 persons. Big Dance is legally required to keep the occupancy below 300.)

1:00am Sales

For those wishing to attend the dance starting from 1:00AM onward, reduced-price tickets will be available at the door as space becomes available. The reduced price ticket will be half the price of a regular ticket. (The reduced-price ticket is offered in an effort to accommodate those who could not get a full-price ticket before they sold out and those who have another engagement that prevents them from attending Big Dance during its live entertainment portion.)