Welcome to Big Dance 2013!

There was an all-night Stanford dance tradition called "Big Dance." In 2012, this tradition has only grown bigger and better, becoming part of a galactic space opera!

Explore this website to learn more about Big Dance, but beware the seductive powers of the Fire Nation. We hope to see you there, and may the four nations live in harmony again!


Big Dance features a mix of popular dances such as swing, Latin, waltz and polka, as well as favorites such as the Cross-step Waltz Mixer and the Dawn Mazurka!

Big Dance 2013 is your chance to come enjoy...

  • Traditional Big Dance DJ Richard Powers.
  • Performances by Swingtime, Danse Libre, Swing Cats, Decadance, and Stanford Ceili.
  • Dance contests, Avatar: The Last Airbender costume contest, age-old traditions and brand-new surprises!
  • Live music with the Lyratones and other bands

When & Where

9 hours of fun!

Friday, May 10th to Saturday, May 11th
9:00 PM to 6:00 AM

Big Dance will be held in Stanford's Roble Gym.

Costume Contest

In addition to dancing contests, we will be judging a costume contest at Big Dance. Come in your most creative themed attire if you'd like to vie for the prize!